In my last post I introduced you to Google Forms. I discussed what forms were, how to set them up, and how to collect responses. Hopefully, the wheels in your head began to turn as you thought about how you could incorporate forms into your classroom. If you need some ideas to get you started then this post will most certainly help you out!

The main function of Google Forms is to collect information. As teachers, we are constantly collecting information from our students, but we might not always collect it in the most efficient way. When I used to collect information using paper it seemed like I always missed a student or lost track of some of the papers if students turned them in late. When I discovered Google Forms my life got a lot easier!

Moodle class links

At the start of each semester I use a Google Forms to collect information about my students. I will create one that collects information such as their name, class period, phone number, names of parents or guardian, birthday, and other information that might be useful during the year. The great thing about Google Forms is that the information can be collected in a spreadsheet then sorted in any number of ways. I like to include the class period because there are times when I prefer to sort by class rather than alphabetically. For example, if I need to send a text message to just a certain class it only takes a second to sort the columns by class period then copy and paste the numbers into the app I use to text.

I also use a Google Form at the beginning of the semester to gather information to help me get to know my students better. I ask them about their hobbies and interests, favorite foods, and future plans. My goal is to find something I can use to connect with each student.


My students always create a blog for my class. Until I discovered Google Forms it was a little tricky to collect the addresses of their blogs in one place. I typically had them email the link to their blog to me, but this created a lot of work for me. Now I simply create a form and link it in my Moodle class. I publish the spreadsheet and give a link to it so students can easily access the blogs of their peers.

Here are some more ideas for how you can use Google Forms:

These are just a few ideas to get you started using Google Forms. Once you create one and see how easy it is to collect data I am sure you will be hooked!

What ways have you thought of to use Google Forms in your classroom? Share your thoughts in the comments, or if you have a great project idea, go to the Contact Us Page and let us know about it so we can feature it in a future article on the site!