Earlier this week, contributor Beth Still shared an introduction to Google Forms. In this article, we give you a curated list of other resources where you can find more about this digital tool, both for general use, and specific and innovative applications in the classroom.

First, Beth shares these links to resources she finds useful:

Med Kharbach shares some resources he has collected on learning Google Forms more deeply, including an extensive visual tutorial.

Google itself has further training available on all of its Google Apps for Education:

Many people have compiled lists of uses and techniques for Google Forms. Here are some of the best:

Here are some reviews of Google Forms by teachers and other consumers:

Finally, for those interested in diving deeper into the world of scripts and automating things with Google Forms, we highly recommend Flubaroo, a free add-on that lets you create self-grading quizzes using Google Forms. Be aware that using this, while not difficult, is not for novices. It takes a bit of computer skill, but the user guide at the site is excellent and can help you navigate the tool’s intricacies.