In my last post, I admitted to being one of the few of my generation has been resistant to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. However, Pinterest has been my social media weakness. Since I discovered the website, it has been my go-to website for everything from house improvement ideas to planning parties, including finding ideas and resource for my classroom. Many people are already familiar with Pinterest, but if you are not, here’s a quick overview of how it works to get you started pinning!

Pinterest - Main screen Pinterest is an online community where you can “pin” pictures and other media files that that you want to save for future use. These pins are like virtual bookmarks that you can access from anywhere. Through Pinterest, users share their pins with each other, and you can peruse through other users pins to find inspiration of your own.

Pinterest BoardsUsers create “boards” where they organize their pins around a common theme. For example, I have a “My Style” board for fashion outfits I would like to recreate, and a “Food” board for interesting recipes I want to try. Whenever I’m bored of the typical dinners I usually make, I can pull up Pinterest on my phone, look through all the recipes I’ve pinned, and pick something new to try. One of their greatest new additions is the “secret board”, where you can pin things you want no one else to see. My friend used this type of board to plan her wedding, and I used it to collect nursery ideas before I let people know we were expecting.

Pinterest - PinYou sign up using a Facebook account or just your email address. From there you can create boards and start pinning pins you like off of Pinterest. You can also install a “Pin It” button to your internet browser, which allows you to easily pin anything you see on the web. You can follow other people whose boards you like, and people will begin to repin your items and follow you. You can also send pins to other users, which my friend uses frequently whenever she sees a math activity that she thinks I would be interested in.

Pinterest - Classroom boardI have used Pinterest to give me inspiration in all aspects of my teaching. As outlined before, it was essential in creating and implementing my math notebooks. I also have a “Classroom” board, where I pin great ideas for organizing and decorating my classroom. I have a “Lesson Plan” board, where I collect ideas for future lessons. And my new favorite is my “Teaching Comics” page, where I pin comics that I personally enjoy about teaching, and some that I share with my students.

If you haven’t started using Pinterest, I encourage you to do so immediately. But beware—it can be quite addicting!