We are all about getting teachers connected: to ideas, to resources, to digital tools for learning, and ultimately to each other.

Far more than just a place to learn about the latest gadgets or websites, and not just another social network, Connected Teachers is a space where expert classroom teachers share innovative ways they are using technology to create learning environments that engage students for deep learning.

Instead of brief, one-time posts highlighting a cool tool, or lists of the “Top 27 Websites to Boost Achievement,” our contributors develop in-depth resources for each tool which will be posted over the course of a week to give you the opportunity to digest each bite before tackling the next. While the specifics will depend on the tool and the author, a typical series will include:

  1. A basic introduction to the tool and its core features.
  2. A screencast demonstration showing how the tool would be used for a specific application, such as an example lesson or project idea.
  3. A curated collection of the most useful reviews and samples from other reliable sources.
  4. Articles from the field describing real-world applications and uses of the tool.

Which is where you come in. When you join Connected Teachers, you get to become a part of the conversation. Ask our experts questions, and post your insights and ideas. Try the tools in your classroom, develop new ways of using them, and then post your own articles describing your experience: the successes and the challenges. You are the experts who will ultimately provide the real-world case studies and help the whole Connected Teachers community to learn more about how to create a 21st century classroom.