Author: Gerald Aungst

More Resources for Google Forms

Earlier this week, contributor Beth Still shared an introduction to Google Forms. In this article, we give you a curated list of other resources where you can find more about this digital tool, both for general use, and specific and innovative applications in the classroom. First, Beth shares these links to resources she finds useful: 10 Great Free Forms All Teachers Should Be Using Innovative Ideas for Using Google Forms Classroom 2.0 Live Forms in the Classroom Med Kharbach shares some resources he has collected on learning Google Forms more deeply, including an extensive visual tutorial. Google itself has...

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Welcome to Connected Teachers

Welcome to the Connected Teachers site, the home of the Connected Teachers Network. This is a place for you to  connect with other teachers around the world who are using digital tools in innovative ways.. On the main site, you will find articles from teachers and experts about digital tools that can help you teach in new and creative ways. There may also be a section of this site specifically for your own district. If there is not, and you would like to create one, contact us and we can set it up for you. Share your ideas and add...

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