Author: Pauline Zdonek

Getting Started with Pinterest

In my last post, I admitted to being one of the few of my generation has been resistant to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. However, Pinterest has been my social media weakness. Since I discovered the website, it has been my go-to website for everything from house improvement ideas to planning parties, including finding ideas and resource for my classroom. Many people are already familiar with Pinterest, but if you are not, here’s a quick overview of how it works to get you started pinning! Pinterest is an online community where you can “pin” pictures and other media files that...

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Pinterest in the Math Classroom

For someone who has resisted social media in almost all its forms, I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon at first glance. Recipes, style ideas, home inspiration – Pinterest has everything! More importantly, it is a fount of ideas for teachers. However, I found that there is quite a difference between “pinning” classroom ideas, and actually implementing them. I have recently used Pinterest in improving my own math classroom, and hopefully the steps I took can be helpful to other teachers in bringing some Pinterest inspiration into the classroom. The first thing I did was define what it was I...

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