1. Provide participants with time to browse and explore the Connected Teachers site and get oriented. Each participant should register at the site here. (This can be done prior to the workshop if you wish to ask participants to do it ahead of time.)
  2. Ask each participant to choose one digital tool from the list of topics. (To access the topics list, go to the site’s home page, then click the word “Topics” near the top.) Alternatively, you can assign a specific tool for this first experience. The Google Forms articles are recommended if you wish to do this.
  3. Read all the articles in the topic, paying attention to the focus of each. Typically you will find a general instructional article, a curated list of additional resources, and a description of one specific kind of classroom activity related to the tool. Sometimes there will also be a video screencast.
  4. Discuss the articles, either in small groups or as a whole group. Some guiding questions that may help:
    • What ideas in these articles might you be able to implement immediately?
    • What obstacles might get in the way of using one of these ideas?
    • What idea(s) intrigue you the most about how this tool can help your students learn your content area? Why?
  5. Develop a plan for taking one step in implementing this digital tool in your classroom sometime before the next session.

This page is one of a series:

  1. Session 1: Introduction to Connected Teachers (this page)
  2. Session 2: What is Technology Integration
  3. Session 3: Exploring the Framework
    • SAMR Version (coming soon)
    • TPACK Version (coming soon)
  4. Session 4 (coming soon)
  5. Session 5 (coming soon)