1. Take about 15 minutes to share and discuss your experiences trying the digital tools. (Thiscan be done in small groups or as a whole group.) Some guiding questions to consider:
    • What worked well?
    • How did students respond to the experience?
    • How did it help you improve learning?
    • What complications came up, or what aspects of the tool interfered with student learning?
    • What would you do differently next time?
    • What questions came up that you need help answering?
    • What additional information do you need about the tool to use it better in the future?
  2. Have participants read the first two parts of Edutopia’s “Guide to Technology Integration.” As they read, have them record their reactions in this chart:
  3. Share and discuss reactions.
  4. Have each person read the third part of the guide, What Is Tech Integration?
  5. As a group, discuss the two main tech integration frameworks described on this page: SAMR and TPACK. Agree on one which will be the focus of future discussions. (Set aside the other framework for now in order to avoid confusion and complication.)
  6. Before the next session, each participant should select one new digital tool they want to learn more about. It may be the same one selected in session 1, another tool at the Connected Teachers site, or one which is not yet profiled here.

This page is one of a series:

  1. Session 1: Introduction to Connected Teachers
  2. Session 2: What is Technology Integration (this page)
  3. Session 3: Exploring the Framework
    • SAMR Version (coming soon)
    • TPACK Version (coming soon)
  4. Session 4 (coming soon)
  5. Session 5 (coming soon)